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Paris 2006

Edited by Christine Chaillot



In this book Christine Chaillot, the editor, gathered articles giving an introduction to the history of the Orthodox Church and its different jurisdictions in the 20th century in Western Europe, country by country. The main aim of these articles is to allow people to discover, or to make better known, the genesis and history of these Orthodox communities in Western Europe and also to understand the present situation of the Orthodox Church in a Western Europe now united and without borders. It is hoped that this book may be profitable not only at the level of Christian ecumenical and inter-religious dialogues, but specially for the Orthodox themselves, who often ignore these histories so close to us in time and space.



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by Metropolitan Emmanuel of France  (Patriarchate of Constantinople) by Bishop Luka of France and Western Europe (Patriarchate of Serbia) by Metropolitan Seraphim of Germany, Central and Northern Europe (Patriarchate of Romania) by Bishop Basil of Sergievo (Patriarchate of Moscow, The British Isles) by Bishop Kallistos (Ware) of Diokleia (Patriarchate of Constantinople) by Protopresbyter Boris Bobrinskoy



by Christine Chaillot


The Orthodox Church in France in the 20th Century Extracts of articles by Father Jean Roberti with complementary material The Orthodox Church in the British Isles by Bishop Kallistos (Ware) of Diokleia The Orthodox Church in Germany by Doctor Wassilios Klein The Orthodox Church in Austria and in Liechtenstein in the 20th Century by Professor Grigorios Larentzakis The Orthodox Church in Switzerland by Noël Ruffieux The Orthodox Church in Italy in the 20th Century by Hieromonk Ambroise (Cassinasco) Orthodoxy in Spain by Christine Chaillot Orthodoxy in Portugal by Miguel Ferro The Orthodox Church in Belgium and in Luxemburg by Father Serge Model The Orthodox Church in The Netherlands by Professor Joost van Rossum The Orthodox Church in Denmark in the 20th Century by Father Paul Sebbelov The Orthodox Church in Modern Norway by Thomas Arentzen Orthodoxy in Sweden by Fr Deacon Dr Bengt Hagström History of the Finnish Orthodox Church in the 20th Century by Docent Teuvo Laitila




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November 2006

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